Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Me and Julio down by the schoolyard.

...well we're about to be down there...but not in the way the song implies.  School is about to start back up.  I have a beginning teacher thing next Thursday which will kickstart the whole routine.  I'm torn on the whole thing...I'm looking forward to starting back and getting into a regular routine (although I am starting to really enjoy sleeping in, working out, and lounging/maybe doing a few chores) and getting a fucking paycheck.  I'm nervous about starting a new year.  I still feel so unprepared/inexperienced as a teacher.  It's got to happen though.  I'm hoping that being back in the regular routine will keep me on the right eating track. of next week, I expect posts will lessen and maybe become more school focused.  We'll see what happens :)

Can I say a word about stress??  I am so ridiculously stressed.  I've mentioned like 5 million times about my money situation this summer.  August is going to be the tightest month.  I love having D as such a support.  I was stressing out yesterday when we were going over finances.  Even when I get paid at the end of August, it is going to be all gone after paying off all the shit D covered this month. one cares about the dets of my financial situation.  D just reminds me it is what it is and we'll make it through (I just have to make sure I get my school fee paid...early birthday money? At least it's only $100).  Since I can't fast forward through August and D went out of town, I've been cuddling with my kitties.  It's funny how they just make you feel better when they curl up beside you.  Luckily Bailey is super lovey and adores just being beside me :)  Here's some pictures that make me smile though and relieve stress...

[props here and to Hey, Lady Grey for originally posting this]

[I absolutely adore the stills from this ad...image here]

[Who doesn't love a furry kitten??  I'm freaked out by people who are cat haters. love.]

[You know I love an owl. owly.]

[Take me away on a vacay. And give me those shoes. here.]


this free bird said...

i feel ya on the money stresses. it's a big suckola festival. blech.

can you believe we're staring down the barrel of september? pass the vodka.


Beckerman Girls said...

I love all your pics!!!!!!!!! Try not to worry to much and enjoy the gorgeous summer!!! Lots of LOVE babe! These pics are sooooooooo PRECIOUS! oie!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


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