Monday, July 11, 2011

And a running update.

I wanted to devote a full post to running, since I am nearing the end of my 10k training.  I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I have been doing the Couch to 10k program.  I have really enjoyed being able to download the app and use it for my training.  My one gripe/flaw with the program is the fact that it measures the amount of time you run, not distance.  For a slow runner like me, a 50 minute run is not getting me to 10k distance.  Nonetheless, I love the program, and it’s been the motivation I needed.  

Due to the heat (which is nothing compared to what all you crazies out in Texas are running), I’ve been treadmill running.  I’ve also been meeting a friend at the gym and combining classes with my running.  I don’t hate it.  I also don’t want to tell you what speed I am running.  I seriously think my short, little legs go at a different pace than other people on that treadmill.  If I’m running at a 4.5 speed (do not even judge), my Nike+ tells me I am hitting about a 12:00 mile.  I know I could probably go faster, but my goal is to finish (ideally without walking)…I know I’m not going to be beating anyone in a race.  Anyhow, at that pace it takes a while to run a 10k and my distances are only going to get longer.  I’m going to mix things up by running on the indoor track (also to accurately calibrate my distances) when I start the half training, but how do you keep from getting super bored on treadmills?  30 minutes alone kills me, let alone multiple hours.  I will start running outside again as the weather gets cooler.

On to more important things…MY RACE SCHEDULE!

10k – July 21st at Atlantic Beach, NC
8k – August 27 in Raleigh
10k – October 1 in Carrboro, NC
Half Marathon – November 12 at Outer Banks, NC

After the 10k, I am officially starting my half training plan.  Here are some screen shots of my plan.

[I think they'll enlarge if you click on them, if not let me know and I'll modify]

I need to give credit to Amy at Juice Boxes and Crayolas since I modified a plan that she used for her half training.  I’m pretty sure her plan was a modified version of Hal Higdon's Half Training Plan for Novices.  I got the idea for adding the post race training from this training plan being used by Megan and Jessica for their first half in Louisiana.  I hope this will be a way for me to maintain my running after the half and not just stop/slack off completely.  In the meantime, I plan to find some other good races to sign up for.  I don’t want to get too ahead of myself by saying I’ll sign up for another half, but I hope I will.  May as well schedule that massage for after the race too!

Oh and I just HAVE to have this shirt from Skinny Runner:

[Just as a reminder :)]
I do want to do this right and take care of myself and my body.  I need advice!  

Should I start foam rolling?
How do you recoup after long runs?
What is the best way to keep from being bored (on long runs and on the treadmill)?   
What is your favorite form of cross training?  

Ps. I started a DailyMile account.  You can add me using my twitter handle: sknnyjeanschai Add me so that I can add you :)


Danielle said...

Great job on your training! And don't worry too much about speed- as a beginning runner, I found my speed increase the more I ran, simple as that. 12 minute miles are nothing to scoff at! The important thing is that you're doing it.

Foam rolling helps sore muscles to recover faster, so it's definitely something to look into.

The best way I recoup from long runs is to make sure I eat some protein and carbs right after I finish (before I get hungry or light headed)- it gives your muscles something to use to rebuild themselves. That and lots of water, stretching, foam rolling, and ibuprofen (if needed).

Audiobooks (or podcasts) do wonders for me on the treadmill!

Claire {Beaktweets} said...

you are kicking butt.

i am sorry i never responded to your message. i (obviously) am overwhelmed by the training at this point. i was all excited, but i lost steam.

and i bet you'll run the race at a bit faster pace. i've only done one 10K, but i definitely finished faster than my training speed. i'm a slowpoke, too :)

Tara @ Dashing in Pearls said...

Your training plan looks great!

YES YES YES to foam rolling. I started when I was training for my first half and I foam roll even if I'm not running because it really helps my muscles.

WannabeRunner said...

Nothing wrong with being a "slower" runner - I'm right there with you! I hate the treadmill too - i actually choose the heat outside than running indoors - sometimes i regret that. :P


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