Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ten things Tuesday :: Happiness Edition tres.

Here it goes...(and check out editions one and duex)

21.  Random/surprise acts of affection

In conflict with this picture, a surprise does not have to be done by others to make me happy.  I love surprising D or my friends with an item, a note, or an actual act of doing something.  I feel like I've started to let these random acts slip away from me, as I've gotten absorbed in my own life.  It's a wonderful feeling, and I need to get back to it.  But of course, random surprises in which I am the recipient make me really happy too. 

22.  Feeling beautiful

For me, there are numerous things that make me feel beautiful.  Even if I'm not feeling like I am, when D says it, I feel it.  There is something about knowing that someone else thinks knows you're beautiful that makes you know it.  In a seemingly inappropriate way, losing weight makes me feel beautiful.  It doesn't  make me feel beautiful because I'm getting skinnier, yet it is because I am getting stronger and healthier.  Sweating and exercising my body make me feel strong and beautiful.  Of course dressing up fully, in an outfit I feel confident in, makes me feel beautiful.  Those days and outfits can vary quite often for me though.

23.  Heels that don't hurt

    [Somehow, I don't think these qualify]

I do not know if it's just me, but I can not find heels, wedges, etc. that do not kill my feet.  Some of my favorite summer shoes are wedges.  I've braved them at two summer weddings.  Embarassingly, I've had to go barefoot at one wedding by the end of the night.  Being smart, I brought flats to change into for the other wedding.  I can't win.  I have heard that the Toms wedges are comfortable.  I adore a pair of heels and wish I could wear them more often.  Any tips?

24.  Cinque Terre, Italy

[All photos from our 2009 trip to Cinque Terre]

This is my ultimate happy place.  The fact that D and I got engaged there contributes only a tiny bit to my affinity for the most wonderful place on Earth.  That being said, I'm not world traveler (yet).  I would give lots and lots of things to go back there right now.  I would give even more to live there one day.  I hate to increase the tourism to such a perfect town, but if you get the chance...visit.  You will never want to leave.

25.  Painted nails

Source: None via Kristin on Pinterest

Painted nails just make me feel more pretty.  I love coordinating colors with seasons and following the current color trends.  I wish I had more patience to do unique nails like those above.  I wish I had more money to get regular manicures...or that I wasn't so lazy/busy to maintain keeping my nails painted all the time.

26.  Pictures

I'm not photographer, and I don't claim to be.  I'm not planning to take up photography or start my own independent photography business like everyone and their brother (no offense, but is everyone I know on facebook or otherwise dabbling in photography?!).  It's the memories I enjoy.  Pictures are pretty, and I love an artsy picture as much as the next person.  I adore simple pictures like this one...

Edited with Picnik and take in 2009 in Munich.  Why do I love it?  I love it because I remember being there.  I remember the food we ate (which we didn't take pictures of).  I remember the business men drinking beer across from us.  All the wonderful memories come flooding back, and I'm so happy I have pictures to remember my happiest moments.

27.  Kittens & puppies

Any person who is not happy when around a kitten or puppy is crazy, in my opinion.  This is not to say I want anymore kittens or puppies in my life right now.  I love holding a little baby animal though.  It immediately can make a bad day good to just be around a little pup or kitty for just a bit.

28.  Concerts

This one is drastically contingent on who is playing at the concert since I am getting "old" and don't like standing for long periods of time.  I love a concert outside where we can bring a cooler of beer and hang out.  These concerts are rare, and the price of alcohol is always ridiculous and increasing.  I love casual concerts where you throw down and blanket and just relax and be.  Sadly, it's getting harder for concerts to make me happy since they are often overpriced and crowded.

29.  Pickling fresh veggies

Ok, I haven't done this yet.  If I'm having dreams about it (um, seriously), then I know I need to do it.  I seriously love almost anything pickled.  I'm an avid hater of onions, but I love them pickled.  One of our favorite downtown bars, the Raleigh Times, makes homemade pickles.  They are to die for.  A recent beer dinner at the Busy Bee, had a course of pickled favorites.  I already bought the vinegar; I'm hoarding our hot banana peppers and jalapenos in the freezer.  I'm simply missing the jars.  Jenn at Peas & Crayons posted an awesome easy pickling recipe that I am dying to try.

30.  Homemade Guacamole

Is it possible for me to rave more about Carrie's guacamole recipe?  I basically doubled it and have it memorized at this point.  I'm obsessed with making it.  I'm obsessed with eating it.  It is supper easy, but it still takes a decent amount of time for me to chop and muddle and mix.  No matter...I love it.  I've even made it for just myself...in a double batch.  This stuff will never cease to make my day.


annelise said...

I've been to Italy twice but haven't made it to Cinque Terre - yet. I was just saying the other day that I would move to Italy in a heartbeat. Add into that getting engaged there and I can see why you love it.

Kittens and puppies! People who don't love them are clearly sociopaths and shouldn't be out in public.

I agree with every other happy point you've made. All of them. Times 100.

meghan said...

That guacamole looks amazing, and those heels or gorgeous.

As far as wedges that don't hurt, you have to get Seychelles shoes. Depending on where you get them and when, they can range from $50-$150, but I can literally run in them. I wear them to school all the time and the kids and other teachers are like, how do you do it? And it's because there is so much padding in them you don't feel like you're wearing heels at all.

Kayla said...

Yes to everything but SUPER yes to TOM's Wedges. I'm obsessed with mine and they are super comfortable.

And I can give you plenty of tips on shoe brands that don't hurt. I live in them and there are still a few brands I can wear with my back all crazy - that can be found for a steal!

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BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Those wedges are fabulous...and wow do your pics of Italy make me want to go even more!

Marz said...

I LOVE Italy! It's been since 2006 since I was in Europe and I miss it every single day! How amazing you got engaged there :)Thakns for sharing those gorgeous photos!

I wish I could walk in heels too! I just look ridic trying to walk in them. If you find out the secret to finding comfortable heels please let me in on it. Luckily, I can do wedges and love summer time simply because I get to wear them! :)

I hear what you mean about concert prices...goodness it's so expensive! We go to Dallas to see them and that's a two hour drive and with gas prices, going somewhere to eat etc. it can be a costly experience! Well worth it, but still not very affordable now which is why there's a possibility I'm not going to be able to see the love of my life Brit Brit later this month :( Breaks my heart!

Homemade pickles?! Wish I had some right now while I watched TV :)


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