Friday, November 4, 2011

Just popping in.

With some snippets of what felt like a marathon week. At least I'm almost not sick anymore.

Halloween bingo at school. Yep, gotta take the easy routes when I can. My students always need "social skills" games.

For real, $4 neon running shirt from Target. Thank you pay day, and I hope to rock this at the half (next Sunday!!), so D won't miss me from the sidelines.

Chilling with KayD and her new baby!

Sort of freaking about my lack of training for the second 8 weeks. I have done every day this week.

Getting the worst set(s) of letters ever in Words with Friends. Really?! But surprisingly, I pulled out a win!

Loving my new Warby Parker specs! And thanks to all who made sweet comments about them! It makes me love them even more.

And finally, this is the collateral damage of a student meltdown today. Seriously.

I'm celebrating the end to this week by dreaming of our upcoming trip to the Bahamas that D booked, relaxing tonight with D, and keeping up with the remainder of training. Next week is a 4 day, short week, so we're on the up and up already!

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meghan said...

You'll be fine with your training! You were sick and needed the rest! Plus, you did so much before leading up to it. And that's a great shirt to wear! You definitely won't be missed! And I love your glasses. I really want to get some new black plastic framed ones...

Stephanie said...

Love the glasses! Good luck with the training and the upcoming race!

And nice score on the Target tee. I get a lot of workout gear from there. You just can't beat those prices, especially for something you're just gonna get all sweaty in!


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