Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting back in shape :: 2010 Raleigh edition.

So we haven't quite gotten to the point that we can afford the "joining fee" and membership at the YMCA, but I desperately want to start working out again.  Since our house is TINY, I really don't have room to break out my work out equipment.  Luckily, pollen doesn't affect my sinuses and it's not sweltering hot here yet.  

 Pullen Park is the park that is literally down the street from my house.  I've started a nice little running trail that goes from my house and then two loops around the part of Pullen that is actually open.  It's unfortunate because Pullen is a REALLY COOL park that normally has a carousel, train, lake, etc. etc, but those parts are closed for renovation.  It won't open again until 2011!  Sad :(  But I like the trail I have routed out.  I run about a mile (although somehow I have drastically increased my speed even without running in a few weeks) and then walk about half a mile back after my Pullen Park loops.  I want to easily make it a week or two with a quick and easy one mile pace.  Next week, I hope to increase my length.

Hopefully next month, D and I will be able to join the Y by our house.  I'm excited about that!  I need to implement some strength training into my regimen.  I'd love to incorporate some sessions with a personal trainer, but I don't think that will financially be in our cards until after the summer.

As far as eating goes, I haven't been doing great.  During the wedding stuff, Aruba, moving, etc., I was in a whirlwind.  I was out of my no meat January and only fish February, so I went a little crazy.  I'm trying really hard to get back on the healthy eating wagon.  D and I hit up Harris Teeter last weekend and stocked up on food here.  I didn't buy any meat from there, although we didn't get as many fruits and veggies as I would have preferred.    My goals:
  • Eat a fruit or veggie with every single meal (breakfast included)
  • Start keeping track of my calories vigilantly again
  • Run at least 3x/week
Three simple goals.  They can be done!  I know I've been slacking on the postings.  Now that things are a little settled here, I hope to get back into a routine.  Check in with me about my getting healthy goals!

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