Monday, April 5, 2010

When it rains, it pours.

Well I've been unusually busy in the past week.  I showed you guys a picture of our unpacked house last week.  As of Wednesday our plan was to return our Budget truck after school and do some organization shopping.  Well I monumentally fucked up the remainder of that evening and week by getting in a car accident. Fast forward to time being spent remeding that situation and getting a new car (since my previous was a hand me down that wasn't worth much anymore).  That took a whole day (which I admit was probably exponentially made harder by us not having been in Raleigh very long).  I got a little Kia, which was by no means the car I had been holding out for.  It's growing on me though ;). Gets good mileage, we'll boost our credit, and hopefully be closer to buying a house.  We felt like we were finally "real, married" adults.  So as you can imagine, we've had quite the expensive start to marriage...paying for elopement, wedding party, moving out of state, then purchasing a car.

Well then my cat, Bailey, got hurt jumping off the counter.  We noticed he was limping on Friday night but held off taking him to an emergency clinic.  One, we couldn't afford that; and two, he wasn't yelping when we touched his leg or when he limped around.  I took him to a new vet on Saturday and came out of there with a ridic $240 bill including x-rays.  He's ok....probably just a sprain but he got some awesome meds and up to date immunizations. Yet again, when it rains it pours.  Can I please also note, I am supposed to be saving money since I don't get paid for the two months I have off for summer break.

On a positive note, we did some hardcore unpacking and have gotten things arranged.  I do realize that the "unpacked" picture above looks a bit cluttered.  Bear in mind, we are fitting items from a 3 bedroom house w a large living room, dining room, and kitchen into a tiny 2 bedroom living room/dining room/kitchen combo house.  It's tough.  We feel TONS better having things in their places.  I still have to work on the guest bedroom.  We'll get there.

Oh and we have been drinking beer and discovering Raleigh ;)

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