Monday, April 19, 2010

Getting back in shape :: Food & eating.

I've been following Ex Hot Girl for a while now.  I would definitely recommend you check her out.  She is a fabulous photographer who is completely open and honest about her struggles with weight loss.  I promise her blog is not just about weight loss.  She's worth checking out for sure. 

 One thing she recently blogged about is the Eat. Stop. Eat. program.  Now I've been on and off working on weight loss for years now (pretty much once I started dating D almost 5 years ago and gained a significant amount of weight).  Throughout 5 years, I have not had much success.  In all honesty, I haven't worked all THAT hard.  I've done plenty of research and read books.  I'm no dummy...I know that you have to take in so many calories and burn more.  I've inconsistently counted calories and worked out for 5 years.  I'll go through a point where I get in a GREAT routine and am losing weight.  It doesn't take much for me to get right back off track.  Most recently, I was doing awesome and then we took a month long trip to Europe.  I never did fully recover and get back on my healthy eating track.  I don't like to refer to "diets" because they just don't work.  I had implemented a healthy eating and active lifestyle that worked for me.  As most people, I gained back everything I lost (not in Europe but within about 6-9 months after). 

The eating styles that Ex Hot Girl mentions are not really plans that would work for me.  I could never deny myself of bread (she did a low carb diet for a while).  The fact is, I adore food (hmm....subconcious food issues??).  I love going out to restaurants and trying delicious foods.  Another issue, obviously D and I are immersed in the beer industry.  There's no getting around that.  We go out a lot, and I'm certainly not one to deny myself a delicious Wake N Bake.  Since we don't drink the typical "lite" beers, those can add up in the calories.  Anyhow...point being that counting calories can be tough for me.  

I've been feeling quite down and out after hopping back on the scale recently.  Ex Hot Girl mentioned that she is going to try out the Eat. Stop. Eat. program.  Ex Hot Girl admits that the website looks like a gimmick, and I totally agree.  Here are a couple of other websites I found that helped convince me a bit more:
  • A review:  This is a review of the program.  Apparently they have done a variety of reviews of dieting and health lifestyles.
  • Brad Pilon's blog:  Yes, I understand that since he is the creator, this may be biased.  For me, it was a good way to learn a little more about the details (without yet purchasing the e-book).
After Ex Hot Girl wrote her initial post about trying out the Eat Stop Eat program, she got plenty of negative comments regarding the plan and her choice.  She decided to write a follow-up post responding to readers comments and concerns.  I'm considering trying it.  On Friday, I tried a mini-fasting session.  I agree that the fasting will be a bit difficult to get used to.  I had multiple hunger pangs throughout the day, but they definitely subsided with water.  And you don't go any day without eating.  My only problem with this plan (assuming my body adjusted to the fasting periods) would ensuring that I don't overindulge and that I make smart, healthy decisions with food most of the time. 

So here's the cliff notes for Eat Stop Eat:

  • Eat what you want, within reason and still maintaining primarily healthy eating standards
  • Implement intermittent fasting 1-2 days per week (ie. stop eating at 7pm Wednesday and begin eating again at Thursday at 7pm)
  • The plan does recommend including strength training as well
Since I can not be consistent with working out or counting calories, I want to see if Eat Stop Eat will work for me.  D and I typically eat later dinners with his work I think it's doable.  It doesn't mean I have to miss out on eating and drinking at beer events (within reason).  I know what I need to eat to eat healthily as well.  If I can still make those good decisions the majority of the time, this could be a winner.  I think I'm starting this week.  I'll let you know how it goes.  If you're interested, read Ex Hot Girl's posts.  They are straight and to the point and breaks down lots of critiques about the program (as does Brad Pilon's blog).  Oh, and the plan isn't guaranteed to help you lose magic numbers of weight.  Just 1-2 pounds per week like any other normal weight loss plan.

Oh and I'm definitely hoping that next month I can afford a membership to the Y.  I miss my yoga, pilates, and spin classes.  I can't wait to get back into it!

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