Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's for dinner?

I'm having a difficult time these days trying to figure out what to
cook that is healthy and cheap. I'm not really the best cook and I
can be lazy. So I need things that take minimal time and effort.
Soups can be easy (throw it all in the food processor or crock pot!)
but this isn't a very soup-y time of year. Since I get home
relatively earlier (although exhausted nonetheless many days) from
work, I need to start cooking more. I fall into the "I'm
exhausted...let's go out to eat" trap more times than not. We got out
of our cooking routine and need to get back into it! We also haven't
had a chance to hit up the farmers market yet :(. I need to find some
quick and easy go-to recipes...that aren't Mexican. All I ever want
to eat/make is Mexican. Tacos, burittos, quesadillas. They're easy
and quick (and cheesy...and I LOVE cheese). I'm in a cooking/eating

What are your quick go-to recipes?

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