Monday, April 26, 2010

Peanut butter brownies.

I indulged.  I've been stressed.  I've been exhausted.  My brain is fried and I have nothing good to blog about.  You know...just been watching some emotional Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood eps.  School is wearing on me a bit.  I'm starting to get really stressed about how the hell I am going to make it through two months (plus a new car payment and more school) with no pay. goal of this blog was to keep updated on my goings on and not be negative.  I really haven't been fully documenting our new Raleigh experience.  Anyhow...figured I'd leave you with some of my fav wedding celebration pictures.  I promise I'll have something more substantial later...

My side of the fam

 Wedding cake toppers

D's dad tapping our special cask (specially conceptualized by D)
First dance...people made us do it.  I did not want to have a first dance...apparently that's how you get people on the dance floor...I don't think it worked.

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