Monday, April 5, 2010

School Daze:: So it begins.

For real.  I am now a teacher.  It's surreal.  It's crazy. And I love it. Not sure if I mentioned that I have never worked with middle schoolers before. I haven't, so I was quite apprehensive of working with multiple groups of them throughout the day. And I won't lie...they test me. I test them right back. They seriously make my day. I've never been more happy in a job. I adore planning out fun things to help them remember lesson concepts. I love the way they make me laugh sometimes when I have to hide my face because I shouldn't be laughing. I love how they get mad at me and then are over it the next day. I love seeing the great things...poems in my language arts class, chemical reactions in science...that they come up with. They're so smart. Smarter than people give them credit for. I am so unbelievably happy with my career change that it's ridiculous. I'm extremely grateful for my now hubby's allowing me to pursue my dreams even when it seemed I may never be happy with any career. I promised him that I knew this just felt different, right. I know I was right. Expect many more excerpts about funny teaching experiences. I'll try to remember to write about my Anne Frank play experience with my all male language arts class :)

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