Sunday, April 18, 2010

My two cents :: Choices.

This quote from Sesh really got me thinking.  Well not so much thinking...but it totally embodies my mentality on life.  I mean to get all deep here...I'm definitely of the opinion that I don't regret the "mistakes" I've made.  They have made me who I am today.  I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that not everyone will accept and like that person that I am today.  I can't appeal to or please everyone.  What I can do is be happy with me and keep learning from those mistakes AND successes.  I'll always keep evolving, learning, and growing.

It's got me thinking about the person that I was at 18, 19, 20.  Now at almost 25, I'm still discovering myself.  At 18 and 19, I thought I had everything in order.  I knew what career path I want, I graduated with my Masters degree in 5 years.  I was "passionate" about things.  I wanted nothing more than to get away from the town and state in which I grew up.  Yet today, I am not following that career path that I "knew" I wanted (which is in turn resulting in my return to school...which I said I'd never do).  I am married to someone who grew up in the same town as me.  I actually am passionate about things that I believe in and feel deeply about.  I'm still learning about myself.  I'm learning to love myself and be confident in my beliefs, my body, my knowledge.  I'm learning to love activities that I never thought I would.  I'm learning that it's a lot harder to move to a new place that I thought, but I'm grateful to have my best friend to do it with.

My choices from my early college years has certainly made me who I am.  And I am happy with who I am.  I am happy knowing that I will keep changing and growing.

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