Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beat the heat.

It's going to get hot this summer.  I think the high for today was in the 90s up in Raleigh.  I spent last Saturday at a local public pool...I know you cringe a bit.  Being the thrifty single lady (for the weekend since D is out of town all the time these days) I am, I packed up a bag with some towels, a Subway sandwich, magazines, and iPod.  I drowned out the squealing kids easily.  I had a fabulous Saturday relaxing, laying out, and cooling off in the pool.  And since I'm not down to my ideal swimsuit weight, I'd rather be surrounded by kids and moms than college kids judging me.  It got me thinking about what kind of swim suit I was to reward myself with after I shed some pounds.  I was checking out Antropologie and drooled over the majority of the suits.  I honestly can not pick just one of them that I want.

Designed by Mara Hoffman for Anthro.  Die.  Love this.  Realistically will not work on my body though with that tiny strap on top and likely unlined boob cups.  But LOVE the colors on this.  Ps. $98/piece...yikes.

So cute!  I die over the one shoulder.  And I love the bottoms...they fold down.  Same problem with the unlined tube-esque top...doubt it would work.

This on the other hand would most definitely support my boobs!  Not that I want to reward myself with a one piece...but if I was just throwing away money, I'd get 2 suits :)  Designed by Rachel Pally for Anthro

J crew suits on the other hand are probably more in my price and support range.  I got a couple of awesome suits from them last summer and love them.  They've one upped themselves this year with this

I think they designed it with me in mind!  OMG!  Underwire bandeau!  Love. Love. Love.  I HAVE TO HAVE THIS.  I'm fine with solids.  I need this suit!

I love the details on this one.  And it's tulle!

I've been dying for bottoms with a ruffle.

And while I'm laying out getting some sun...I want to have a couple of these in the freezer to keep me cool

Check out Design*Sponge for some delish Popsicle recipes to cool you off this hot summer :)

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