Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer lovin...sweaters, blazers, and shoes.

Since I'm going to be broke this summer, I'm going to be recycling a lot of my clothes.  With everything we've had going on within the past year (Europe, eloping, wedding celebration, moving, etc.), I've been REALLY LOW on funds.  I feel like it's been forever since I've bought any fabulous new pieces for my wardrobe...including shoes.  When I get paid again in late August I'm not going to be able to go crazy since we're saving for more vacays and a house, but I've definitely got some wants.  Now that I'm a teacher, my wardrobe has to be primarily conservative and wearable for day and night since I'm on a budget.

Even though I control the temperature in my classroom, the kids are always complaining.  Since I stay cold, sweaters and cardis are necessities for school.  Love this neutral linen cardy by DKNY, $195.

I've been DYING for a blazer for about a year or so now.  Still have yet to invest in one.  I really want a one to layer.  They go with anything!  It's a perfect way to dress up skinny jeans and a tee.  More reasonably prices Bop Basics (shopbop), $198.  Oh and by more reasonably, I mean compared to this Smythe blazer at $555.

I die for these.  Since I stand and walk all day, flats are practically the most important necessity for teacher fashion.  I adore the summer suede and neutral color (maybe I need more color in my life?).  I imagine pairing them with a bright, casual dress like this:

Dress: T-Bags, $172; Shoes: KORS Michael Kors, $165

Now I LOVE Tory Burch ($150).  These are freaking adorable.  I doubt there is any chance they will ever be available come late August (shopbop only had size 8 and 9 left as of now).  But I want these SO BAD.  These are probably my favorite wants.  Since I doubt they'll be available, I'm hoping to try my hand with a pair of these Toms:

Cheaper at $69 and wedges so a bit more fun.  I need someone to tell me if they are comfy or not.  They'll selling out quick, but I figure they're more likely to restock than Tory.  I also think these green ones...

...would be super cute with a chic pair of jeans.

I'm hoping to be down in pound by the end of the summer so I can invest in some smaller sizes as well :)

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Sarah M said...

That's a great wishlist! I know I'm adding all those shoes to mine right now! I know what you mean to be on a budget.. once I start school back, money is going to be so tight! But you have to splurge every once in a while, right?


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