Tuesday, June 8, 2010

House I'm adoring.

I've mentioned before that D and I have been speculating buying a house within the next year or so.  We get these emails from a realty company now with houses in the Raleigh area that "match our search."  Sometimes I look at them, sometimes I don't.  It's almost become depressing due to the fact that we'd ideally like to live/stay in "central" Raleigh.  We picked up a flyer from a house for sale in our area the other day "just to see."  Holy shit...the listing was for $600,000.  Whoa.  Central Raleigh will not be happening for us with prices like that. 

Anyway...this house was on one of my emails today.

 I'm in love.  Check out the other pictures.

 Ah!  It has a finished basement, screened porch, adorable kitchen, hardwoods upstairs, a huge backyard.  I'm in love.  It's more northern Raleigh and probably a bit out of our price range, but I adore it.  You know, taking into consideration that I actually have not seen it in person.  That yard and screen porch totally sold me.  I could just see us adding on a deck and fencing in the yard ;)  I know...getting quite a bit ahead of myself.  We may not even be able to afford it and it may be way too far away from where we want to be.  It's definitely one of the best places I've seen thus far though.  Looking for houses can be fun ;)


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