Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little devils.

Yesterday was a day from hell.  The kids were awful.  It's getting to that point that they complain even when I give them free time. 

Anyway, D went out of town and will be gone until Saturday.  He did mention yesterday that his co-workers wanted him to go to Philly for a bit.  That wouldn't put him getting back home until next Wed :(  I don't mind when D goes out of town, and I have the house to my self.  The only problem is that it has gotten to the point that I needlessly indulge and slack on the gym when he's gone.  I did pretty good yesterday.  I hit up the gym and did strength training and 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I have been scared to weigh myself recently.  I think I weighed the middle of last week and went up.  I mentioned that I was going to Tampa and probably going to indulge in food and such.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't think my one session at the gym would take off 5 pounds.  When I weighed this morning, I was up by another 6 oz.  Disappointing, but I probably shouldn't be surprised.  We did drink lighter beer since we were hanging by the beach the majority of the time.  I've got to turn things around.  I need to be more comfortable in swimsuits since I'm planning to make the beach a regular hangout this summer. 

I keep talking about it, but now it's time.  I have to start tracking my calorie intake and not drinking beer during the week.  I'm going to go to Pilates today at the Y (hopefully I can make it on time after I go to the post office after work).  Then I want to head to the grocery store and stock up on some healthy meals.  A major problem of mine is cooking.  I'm so lazy; it is actually pathetic.  I'm cooking for one this week as well.  I'm thinking omelets?  I need quick and easy meals!  Maybe some hummus wraps?  After I get home from my commute, the gym, and errands...I'm usually pretty hungry and don't feel like cooking.  I'll check in in a week to see if I've shed a pound.  It's a little frustrating because I feel like I always eat sparingly during the day and have been drinking at least 32 ounces of water (it's hard to drink more since I have to pee constantly and only have the opportunity to go between some classes). 

I've never gone to Pilates before, so I hope it's not too hard!

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