Monday, August 23, 2010

What am I going to wear??

The school year officially begins on Wednesday.  I think I'm more excited about my payday on Friday ;)  I've been working so hard on getting my classroom decorated and preparing everything for the year.  I am so excited about some of the ideas I have for this year!  I won't bore you with all my wonderful classroom stuff (yet).  I have started brainstorming...WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR THE FIRST THREE DAYS OF SCHOOL??  I don't have money or time to buy anything before.  I think I'm going to have to dig through the closet on Tuesday night and have a mini fashion show :)

Speaking of clothes...I made the worst idea on Sunday and ventured to the Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh...on a Saturday...the last weekend before school starts back.  It was dreadful.  I thought I may find something on sale at H&M or Forever 21.  There were lines for the fitting rooms.  Nope.  Not even gonna deal with that mess.  But I totally am going back once I get paid so I can get a few wonderful pieces I found!

 Um, I'm in love with the stripe trend.  I know horizontal stripes aren't the most flattering, but I can't resist!

I wanted to try this on to gauge how it would really look.  I think it would be fab for layering, adding a belt, and a long chunky necklace.

I don't remember seeing this in the store, but I am sort of obsessed with it.  I need to see it in person to gauge work/school appropriateness.  How awesome is the zipper front??

Love this shirt.  Although I just found out that we are not going to be able to wear jeans at all (even on casual for an oversized shirt that I would typically pair with skinny jeans, I'm stumped.  I think I could get away with black skinny jeans.  I'm really going to have to re-think my wardrobe.  Lots of skirts, tights, pants, belts, a blazer, and jewelry to dress up/distinguish myself from those middle schoolers!

Such a pretty shirt!  But with which bottoms?? Typically I pair empire waisted with skinny jeans.  My hourglass shape can't handle wide leg pants and emphasized hips.  Certainly I can find straight leg pants?

No words except...I need this shirt asap.

Whoa!  Gotta have this!  You know a blazer is on my have to have list this year.

Also digging the gorge trench!

They have some of the cutest bags...but I love this one!

I'll update on what actual purchases I make this time next week!


@emllewellyn said...

1. I'm obsessed with horizontal stripes. As long as the piece is structured, I say wear it.

2. SUPER SKINNY PANTS AT OLD NAVY. I got a black pair for $19 the other day-- they're not denim and they're perfection. Seriously. I've been hunting for the perfect skinny not-jeans for months and these are exactly what I was looking for. I think they come in grey, too, which is also a nice option if you can't wear jeans.

3. That trench coat is seriously the most beautiful.

Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!

Kaleena J. said...

Ok, hi, I really want that first red and stripped top. MUST. GO. SHOPPING.

this free bird said...

I LOVE the striped dress...and the one below it!! Yikes!! So pretty - both of those. And ps - I have that shirt you're not allowed to wear with jeans even on Fridays and all I want to say is: why not?? I don't understand. Dark denim is super dressy. Some ancient person has to be running the HR/dress code department.

I'm seriously confused. Oy


Mimi said...

those pieces are great! and yeah, back to school shopping can really be crazy. :/ good luck with school! :D

<3, Mimi

cowbiscuits said...

I love the trench! x

Bleed to Love Her said...

One of my (favorite) employees has that black blazer. Super cute in person!


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