Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is it official?

Can I be considered a "thrifter?"  I doubt it.  A few weeks ago before school started, I had another weekend alone (when D was out of town).  I decided to try my hand at thrifting.  I figured I could pick up a couple finds for cheap (since I was still living on D's paycheck).  I checked out one of the Goodwill locations here in Raleigh.  At the Goodwill I picked up this little number...(ps. do not judge the horrible picture taking...I've never been a "fashion blogger" and this is literally the first time taking outfit pictures...which obv I suck at)

Calvin Klein BLAZER!  

I've probably mentioned a couple of times that a blazer is on my must-have list this year.  I loved the fact that this one had the contrasting lining in the sleeves.  The only problem...shoulder pads.  I know Kim Kardashian can rock them all day...but they don't work for a little teacher like me.  But...you can't really tell in these (horribly taken) pictures...

1. had to cut out my face because I have not taken a shower or put on makeup and 2. sorry for the flash.

Ok...so you can't actually see shoulder pads because of the awfully taken pictures.  There is actually a second problem.  The blazer with jeans is rockin!  How am I supposed to rock this at school?  I can't wear jeans (grrr...).  Oh but I am obsessed with the Nine West sandals I paired this with...

(actually really embarassed by my nail polish right now...it's almost fall though!  And I haven't worn these out)

Except just walking around the spare room playing dress up in these my feet started hurting.  All you fashion gals...how do you bear heels for long periods of time??  Anyway, I'm considering getting the should pads removed (when I have money).  Until then I'm still stoked to find a freaking blazer from Goodwill!  Oh I also picked up lots of books for my classroom.

Next, I ventured to this Raleigh thrift store called Cause for Paws.  All the proceeds go to the local no-kill cat shelter (yay for keeping kitties alive!).  I picked up more books here.  I tried on a slew of clothes that didn't work.  I came out with this dress...

Merona brand from Target

Ok...another terrible picture.  The dress obv needs to be pulled down so the empire waist matches up with the belt.  The belt is mine.  I paired the silver belt because I paired it with these shoes...

From Target...fell in love with them when D and I walked by.  D sweetly got them for me :)

These shoes are perfect for school with the low heel.  I love the buttons and neck on the dress.  One day I'll build up my supply of belts so I can have something more bold.  The dress is super comfy though.  Perfect for a school day.  

I can't wait to do more thrifting :)


@emllewellyn said...

Love all of it. Love love love. Thrifting certainly takes time and patience I'm not sure I have yet, but this is inspiring. Thumbs up.

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Good job! So much fun to find cheap yet perfectly conditioned pieces that's fashionable! Plus, second hand clothes are actually more comfortable.

Kaleena J. said...

Oh yay! I like this post, I give it a thumbs up.


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