Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Am I being too forward if I ask you to...

...Tweet me?!  I finally gave into the twitter and am utterly baffled and confused by it.  Figured I'd take the plunge.  Goodbye facebook and all the family "friends" with their religious quotes or daily "uplifting" quotes.  I hope I can take a good long hiatus from obsessing over facebook statuses and funnel my free time into twitter.  Now I just need more friends ;)

Here I am!

Ps. While you're clicking around and checking things out, check out Megan's awesome giveaway!  Unlike me she's lucky and won two giveaways in like one week, so she's giving back! 


this free bird said...

hollar. i'm about to add you on twitter. then do the shred. help me. here goes day 2.

Megan said...

Thanks for reposting! I'll have to add you on twitter, even though I rarely "tweet."


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