Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weighing in Wednesday.

[How I felt before I started the shred]

I'm trying to hold myself accountable and work hard.  After pretty much one solid week of shredding and running again, I've tuned in for the weigh in.  I'm trying to be diligent about weighing in only once per week (so as to not get easily discouraged).  I broke down yesterday and was 1.8 pounds lighter!  Then on my official weigh-in this morning, I was back up .6 of a pound.  On the plus side, I've still lost something!  It just goes to show how the scale can fluctuate daily.  I think my true weight probably is closer to down -2.  My measurements are down as well from Saturday.  This could be due to some faulty measuring (um, like the measuring tape was backwards or something), but those lower number made me feel better.  I was down in my hips, stomach, and chest.  

I'm still sending mad props to the shredcrew I seriously feel shit about myself when the rest of the shredcrew is posting their hard day of shredding to Twitter (follow me and the shredcrew here), and I didn't do it.  Yesterday I was concerned about time and decided to run before doing the shred.  This resulted in me being super exhausted, sore, and not doing the shred.  At least I did get a work out in, but in the long run, I think it's beneficial to use the shred as a warm-up to running.  
Regardless of the weight loss, or lack thereof, I'm not feeling like a fat cat anymore.  I'm feeling much better about myself and my weight.  The only thing I can do is keep doing what I'm doing and that's the best I can do.  After school today, I'll be off to shred and then have a sushi date...not too sure how those calories are going to look....


Anonymous said...

Congrats on losing! It can be frustrating since weight fluctuates so much but if you're feeling better you know you're on the right track!

Megan said...

That picture is hilarious!!


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