Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kicking ass and taking names.

That's right!  I can't even begin to tell you guys how much motivation it's been to have the ShredCrew behind me throughout the 30 day shred!  It's been motivation just to see the posts of everyone else completing the shred daily, struggling with eating and counting calories, etc.  It feels great that I'm not the only one who struggles with completing even 20 minutes of a workout daily.  I must say, it helps with the mindset.  While I didn't lose any weight this week (I'm thinking about having a Weigh-in Wednesday to check back), in my mind I see tiny lines of abs coming back to light.  Plus I can't do much more than TRY.  I bought a tape measure yesterday and took some measurements.  I'm hoping that'll prove for a little more motivation if I don't lose actual pounds.  I'm drinking water like a mad woman and hoping to have shaved at least a few pound off by spring break (3 full weeks away!).

Last week, I talked about training for a half (Claire!  Are you still considering it as well?!).  I ran on Tuesdya and Thursday of last week after not running at all for a month+.  You'll remember that I'm not much of a runner, and I'm certainly not fast.  On Tuesday I ran on an outside trail in 80 degree weather.  I had a tough time doing one mile (embarrassing but hey, I'm all for honesty).  On Thursday, the weather was a much different 54-ish degrees and windy.  I tried a different part of the trail and fairly easily bumped my run up to two miles.  My goal was to run Saturday before D returned home, but it was cloudy and much colder (low 40s).  I didn't feel ready to brave those temps.  I've got plenty of time to train before the half in November.  I want to continue to train outside and in all types of weather.  I'd prefer to give another two weeks of two mile runs before I start the official training plan (which starts with a 3-mile run).  Here's my plan for this week:

  • Monday:  Rest day
  • Tuesday: 2 mile run outside (temps predicted - high 60 & cloudy)
  • Wednesday: Rest day - supposed to be rainy
  • Thursday: 2 mile run outside (high 60 & 50% chance of rain)
  • Friday: Rest day - headed to Athens after school
  • Saturday: Possible 2 mile run in Athens?  Should be warm temps.  Depends on how much drinking was done the night before
This weekend out of town/in Athens is going to be TOUGH.  It's doubtful that the shred will be attempted at all (except maybe upon return on Sunday), and lots of drinking will be involved.  I need to keep my mindset on exercise to cancel out (some) of the bad food and alcohol.  Sorry for the text-heavy post....

I need some new running shoes!  I don't like/can't afford to spend lots on running shoes.  Any favorites?  Here are a few I'm considering

[Nike Free XT+  Womens Training Shoe, only $85; I like them in the gray/yellow]

[Nike LunarGlide+2 at $100; supposedly works for every stride and has great cushioning]

[New Balance 759, $100; although I'm not too sure what my gait or stride is like]

[Asics Gel - 3020, $120; Supposed to be the best for distance running]

Shape has some other shoe options that I'm interested in checking out.  How do you find new running or fitness shoes?  Any recommendations?

Here's to another week of hard work on the shred and on the trails!


Claire {Beaktweets} said...

you are seriously motivating me! you are doing awesome. i would still really like to do a half, but feeling overwhelmed. i guess october is still far away enough to get my butt in gear.

are there any shoe stores near you that will watch you run and tell you what would be a good fit? i did that once and it was really helpful.

Kristin W said...

Twitter has seriously been the best motivation! But it's easy to do good week one, then fall off the wagon. So I'm going to work hard to stick with. Also why I'm starting super early with training so I have plenty of time if I miss a week for something or other. I'd be happy to be your e-motivator ;)

I'll look for one of those stores for sure! Thanks!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

For running I definitely recommend Nike. I have never been disapointed.

Marcie said...

ShredCrew sounds amazing! I definitely could use some motivation like this! And I love the photo of those legs, wish they were mine :).


torrie said...

I can totally relate. This little group has been an absolute motivator. Exactly what I needed! I bought Nike running shoes (on sale!), but not even sure which type! My boot camp instructor (former) told me to get a 1/2 size too big... Best advice ever (and the shoes are great too!.

Nice to meet you!


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