Saturday, March 12, 2011

Well my camera cord is missing

And I'm really exhausted after 2+ hours of tilling to prepare for our garden!

But unfortunately that means I can't post updates on the anniversary project or our anniversary itself :(. D is out of town until wednesday, and I believe he misplaced the cord. So I'll probably end up with anniversary posts one month after our 1 year.

D left this morning and I wanted to spend the weekend preparing the garden, catching up on school stuff, and relaxing. After not seeing D much for the past few days, I kind of wish he didn't have to go. His travel usually doesn't bother me, but I'm feeling especially lonely without him today. I miss him making me weekend breakfast and doing weekend things. It's such a beautiful weekend here; I wish I had him here to grill out with me.

Tomorrow I plan to finish my tilling, fertilize, and water the garden. Then I hope to get my college school work completed. I'm debating buying some more yarn and starting a new crocheting project while drinking some wine and watching a movie :). I need to take a break from grading and lesson planning...might be winging it on Monday!

Oh and I'm also icing a blister from the extreme tilling!

Hope you're all enjoying beautiful, relaxing weekends!

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Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

wow, go you!! I so don't have a green thumb... (let alone a garden) but I more than admire those who do!!! I hope to see more once you get your cord!

Danielle said...

Wine and a movie are my favorite "getaway" from lesson plans and grading!
Thanks for following! : )

Ramsey said...

We need to get our garden ready too! Not that we will actually grow anything if I have something to do with it because I most definitely do NOT have a green thumb. Sorry the hunny's MIA! :(
Weekends are most fun when you have a lovie to spend them with for sure. Love!!!


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