Thursday, March 31, 2011

Insert witty title.

So, the best news is that my credit cards will be ALL PAID OFF in June (now if only I could say the same for my school loans...ugh)!  This is thrilling news!  It will come at about the perfect time.  I have so many BIG financial commitments every month and feel like I have no extra money to indulge a little (on maybe my Toms?).  In April, we have spring break.  In May, I have my friend, KD's, bachelorette party and D's birthday (which I have to go big or go home for since I was broke on his birthday last year).  In June, I have KD's wedding in Birmingham (which is a bit of a trek from Raleigh).

After June, I will have the credit cards paid off and (hopefully) a little work bonus in my pocket!  My mind is running with little ways I want to spend a bit of extra money.  Mainly, I want to put it in savings for a trip to NYC with my girls and mine and D's holiday getaway this year.  BUT if I have a few extra dollars here and there, here's a few things I hope to spend it on...

[Fete Sequin Mini, sale $138, J Crew]

I know LOTS of bloggers are loving J Crew for spring.  Obviously this skirt wouldn't be there by the time I have a little spending money in July, but I adore this skirt!  The whole look is just chic and stunning to me.  Those shoes too!  I'll be on the lookout for something like this.  (Oh and even at the original $178, this one is perfect in comparison to the $2500 on the Sequin Long Skirt)

[Myne Jazz Long Skirt, $210; shopbop]

I'm totally into the maxi skirt and dress trend happening right now.  One of my fav outfits I wore recently on a warm day was a maxi dress topped with a sweater.  It gave the illusion of a mxi skirt, and I felt so fab and comfy in it!  I like the pattern in this skirt and could envision the numerous possibilities of styling.  I feel like it could work through summer and fall.  It also reminds me of something Carrie would pick out :) Not too sure if I could rationalize $210 for a skirt, but hey, this is a wish list!

I die a little inside that I can not buy this this very minute (ugh...this is what happens when I browse online. Must.remind.myself...D's birthday, spring break!).  I have been dying for a Foley + Corinna bag for YEARS now.  I could never afford the almost $400 retail, but this is totally do-able.  I know it will be long gone before July....

[Plains Ranger Dress, $128; Anthropologie]

Oh I adore this dress!  I'd take off the sash and pair with a brown, braided leather belt (envisioning one I've been eying at Target) and pair with some chunky brown wedges.  Love.

[Warby Parker, Roosevelt glasses, $95]

I've been on the hunt for some cool new glasses for a while.  I LOVE these Warby Parkers glasses.  I hate making "practical" purchases though.  Warby has so many cool choices though; I'll definitely HAVE to make a purchase from them this summer!


meghan said...

I am so upset that you put that bag up on this post. I have been seeing those bags and loving them, but I've never been able to find them. Ah, and in a metallic color!! Awesome choices! I love J.Crew...I just bought a few things with a gift card from returned Christmas items!

Anonymous said...

I live outside of Birmingham! Good place to visit :)

Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas said...

Congrats on almost paying off your credit cards!! :) What an awesome feeling!

Josie said...

DYING over that sequined mini... It's adorable! And congratulations on almost having your cards paid off... That's fab!
xo Josie


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