Friday, March 25, 2011

Closet craving :: Purchases on a dime.

Back in early February, I showed you this hat that I was craving...

However, $98 was way to steep for my budget.  Claire (check out her blog!) made the perfect suggestion though!  She mentioned getting a cheap fedora and pinning a cute flower to it.  I haven't been on a hardcore search for a Fedora, and on my tiny budget, I typically just check over the accessories section at Target.  Last weekend I purchased this cutie for only $12.99...

While it is definitely a different material, and I didn't get it with pinning to it in mind, I like it!  It's a good switch from my "touristy" fedora that I got from the Eugenia Kim Target collection last year.

Although that fedora is the same style as the $98 Anthro one above.  I could always cut off the parrot (which I'm eh about anyway) and pin something there.  I'm excited about my cheap Target score from this year though.  It feels more like a wear-anyday hat.

I've also been craving some brown oxfords since last August!  I can only hope that they'll still be in next season because a flat, brown shoe is perfect for standing all day in my classroom.  I saw this picture of Sydney, from The Daybook, and had to check out her shoes!

I immediately headed over to Threadsence to check out the shoes.  To my surprise, the shoes were $33!!!!  What?!  Next to check the sizes...certainly my size 6 could not be in stock.  But YES!  Size 6 was in stock!!!  I immediately put in my order.  And no joke, 3 days later, my shoes arrived!

[Sorry to break the news, but they are all sold out now]

I can't wait to break them in and wear them next week to school!  And here's to hoping the trend sticks around for at least another year...

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Anonymous said...

Love the fedora! I got an UO one a couple of years ago and still love it.


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