Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beach bumming.

Wouldn't this be a lovely view to wake up to?

D and I had a serious convo a couple weeks ago about buying a house.  That boy is all serious about it.  It is exciting to me in a way, but I'm still a bit freaked about that kind of major commitment (financially and to Raleigh).  Anyway, my lil sis is in town and we took her out to Kure Beach, NC for the day.  We were just chilling on the beach and talking about how awesome it was to just be out there.  For the past few weeks, I've made the beach at least a weekly trip.  It's totally worth the 2+ hour trip to just lay by the ocean, drink some beers, and clear our minds.  I've mentioned to D a couple times how cool it would be if we could rent a house out there for the summer and just stay while I'm out of school.  He could drive back into Raleigh for events, etc.  I mentioned that wouldn't be too feasible if we buy a house earlier next year because we wouldn't have the cheap rent we have now.  Surprisingly, D totally threw out the idea of ending our lease in Raleigh in April or so, renting a house at the beach for the summer, and looking to buy houses at the end of the summer.  What?!  I would die.  I would totally take a month or so of the long drive to school to be by the beach for the entire weekend.  I'm definitely not going to let this idea slide ;)  Plus...I definitely think we could use the extra time to save up money for a house.  Feel free to come visit me next summer at the beach...   

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