Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vamos, vamos Argentina

I've been watching the World Cup and it's been awesome.  One thing I love most is the memories it is bringing back.  This time four years ago, I was in Argentina.  Soccer in Argentina is HUGE.  The World Cup was going on at that time four years ago as well.  Argentina's 0:4 loss to Germany on Saturday was INSANE.  I was rooting for Argentina...but I've been to Germany too.  And you have to give Germany props for the mad skills they displayed!

I stayed in Argentina for two months with a study abroad program.  I won't go into all the details, but here are some pictures that really make me smile from the trip...

Wine tasting with our study abroad group (not all of them)

Such funny memories when I look at this...it was a party at the home of one of our guides.  So much fun.
We got to go to a soccer game (not the World Cup)!  They got us all jerseys with our names on them.

 A day trip to a ranch in the country.  We got to ride horses, eat delish food, watch a performance, and watch horse tricks.  Note...the creeper guy made me hold his hand.

Weekend trip to Iguazu Falls (border of Argentina and Brazil).  Not the actual falls here...but I was shaking like crazy.  Scary.

Iguazu Falls....definitely recommend a trip here!  You can see Brazil from across the falls.
Weekend trip to Bariloche.

Hilarious/ridiculous skiing experience here.  But it was beautiful.  At least I can say I tried to ski in the Andes mountains.

**I realized I don't have all my pics on my computer.  Another day I'll update with pics from our weekend trip to Uruguay (love, love, love it there) and my last month in Argentina.**

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