Friday, July 23, 2010

Closet Craving :: H&M

Two closet cravings in a row!  I've started following lots of new wonderful blogs, many of them fashion related.  I need major help dressing myself fashionably.  When I moved to Raleigh in March, I was super excited about the H&M opening up at the mall.  Sadly guys, I have not even stepped a foot in there since it opened :(  How depressing!  Since I had little money, I didn't want to tempt myself in there.  Let me tell you, when I finally get paid again, H&M is the first place I'm hitting!  I've been so inspired by fashion bloggers finding such affordable pieces from H&M.  My body type differs greatly from most of the bloggers I've seen.  I'm working hard to shed some pounds though and be able to buy items that will last me.  Here's some of my H&M inspiration...

I am really feeling more into hats.  I've gained confidence in wearing them.  This dress and hat is from H& cute!

Isn't she beautiful?  The dress here is from H&M.  I love that little belt too though.

Nothing here from H&M but I couldn't resist!  What an adorable outfit!  I want this for my school day.  Here's the back of the shirt from the above picture...
[mocha-soy-whippy] all above images

H&M Spring/Summer collection 2010.  So bright and beautiful  [art8amby]

Haha...this look is too much for me, but note the shoes!  Ooooo...I love these!  []


Mon Cheri said...

H&M is pretty amazing. I ahve only recently started shopping there but I love it.

I hope you get to buy some goodies from it soon :)


C'est La Vie said...

oh for crying out loud! i LOVE H&M, i'm going through withdraws
i save up for everytime i visit home bc they don't have it here :( so sad

Bleed to Love Her said...

If there were an H+M here, I would be broke. Same with Anthropologie. Having it a couple of hours away has really saved my wallet.


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