Monday, July 5, 2010

Living in Raleigh :: Happy Birthday America.

Let's all remember how on the birthday of America...we may have our independence and freedom to do [mostly] as we wish...yet Americans are still not all seen as equal and give those rights that are supposed to be granted to us.

Stepping off my pedestal...

D and I have really been enjoying our time (and my freedom from school for the moment).  Since we're low on the funds for the summer, we headed out to Kure Beach, NC for the day on Saturday.

D chilling out on the beach

 Kure Beach

The day and beach was just gorgeous!  The weather was perfect...breezy and only high of 80 degrees.  Now the waves on the other hand...CRAZY!  I could barely go in up to my knees.  I got thrown under once by a wave and I was done for.  Still a fabulous day though.  We packed beer, Subway sandwiches, chips, fruit and water.  Perfect start to the weekend.

We spent our fourth watching a lot of Dexter...trying to get caught up on Season 3.  After that we ventured around downtown Raleigh trying to find an open restaurant where we could drink beer.  We stumbled upon a bar serving Terrapin Wake N Bake on draft, only my favorite beer!
Delicious coffee oatmeal stout goodness

We enjoyed some pints, some chips and dip, etc.  Delish.  Good start to my fourth.

We then headed out to the fireworks at the NC State Fairgrounds.  Crowded but we got in, enjoyed, and got out.  

D looking super excited about the fireworks?  Ps. we should totally look more tan after the beach the day prior.
 Pretty :)  Right before my camera started freaking on me and telling me lens error (as if any of you care)
 My wonderful photography skills capturing the fireworks
My night ended by finishing it all off with a wonderful Terrapin/Left Hand Depth Charge ...heaven in a glass.

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