Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trying to be an omnivore (is that right? omnivore??).

So WAY back in January, D and I did No-Meat January.  Since then, I have continually tried to cut back on my meat intake.  Back when I started this blog last September (whoa! I'm getting close to my one year blog birthday!), I also wrote about reading The Ethics of What We Eat.

I finally finished that book at the end of the school year.  It is a really wonderful book that I would recommend.  It doesn't blatantly recommend that people become vegetarians.  It just sort of weighs all of your options about being humane towards animals.

Anyhow...after reading that, I really felt stronger towards not eating meat unless it was from a Whole Foods type grocery store (although you really have to research even the organic meats and how the animals are treated) or if it was from a reputable restaurant.  I've held pretty strong on the meat buying.  I won't eat sandwich meat unless it's from Whole Foods (and typically only buy ham to throw on my egg McMuffin).  My exception is venison which we always get a large supply of from D's dad.  Deer are probably the most humanely killed animals as they still live in their natural habitats.  I've gotten D to switch over to cage-free, organic eggs and local milk.  I have definitely been slacking in the vegetarian eating at restaurants.  I am not much into salads and don't enjoy ordering a salad from a restaurant.  So I'm making the commitment to eat more vegetarian meals at home and restaurants.  Once D and I are both bringing in salaries again, I hope to be cooking more real meals and eating out less (doesn't seem to make sense how we eat out more when we have less money...).

As for weight, I'm weighing in on Wednesday.  I've been cheating.  I was down one pound yesterday but back up 1+ pound today....grr.  I figure I need a bathroom break and am just crossing my fingers until Wed.

Any favorite vegetarian meals?  Oh and I'm also looking for any vegetarian restaurants in Raleigh (we miss the Grit in Athens!)...


Bleed to Love Her said...

I was vegan for 3 years, and just recently returned to vegetarianism myself. (Though my reasons are health related now, I've always been a bit of an animal rights activist.)

vegcooking.com has always been one of my favorite sites for recipes. The 'chicken' stuffed baked potato, 'beef' and broccoli stir fry, and homemade vegan naan are some of my favorites.

Also, if you like Indian food, most Indian restaurants are completely vegetarian, or, if not, serve a huge variety of vegetarian dishes.

Lady Grey said...

You may already know about this, but Fresh365 is one of the most amazing vegetarian cooking blogs... you should definitely check it out.


She always inspires me : )


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