Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Salad with salsa??

In an effort to eat better and shed some pounds, I've been trying to eat more salads.  I'm not the biggest fan of salads.  Today for lunch, I got a little light bulb!  I am obsessed with salsa.  I thought why don't I top my salad with salsa instead of my balsamic vinegrette, which is getting pretty boring. 

It was delicious!  I made a pretty simple salad.  I threw in some mixed greens, fresh cucumbers from the farmers market (which last so much longer than store bought!), goat cheese crumbles, half an avocado (yum!), and salsa!  It was so yummy and filling.  I'll definitely be having that for another meal.  We're running low on veggies here, so I had to make do with a mostly green salad.  I'd like to find some other salsas with more veggies and beans in them like this one...


this free bird said...

came your way via poppies and sunshine and couldn't help busting up over kathy griffin! she's so crazy!! did you see when she went to visit levi johnston in alaska?? i almost peed my pants laughing.

anyway - noticed your effort to eat better and love the salsa on salad idea. i'm a freak for salsa - especially pico. yummy!

would like to invite you to stop by and enter for an ebelskiver pan giveaway i'm hosting. ebelskivers are danish inspired mini filled pancakes...not sure you can fill them with salsa although i did try jalapenos and cheese and they were divine. maybe salsa on top?

strawberry is my current fave. yes, i've got an issue with these things.

anyway, would love to have you enter if you're interested.


annelise said...

I've been force-feeding myself salads in a bid to lose some weight as well. And given that it's winter here and all I want to eat is comfort food, it's starting to wear thin! I never thought of using salsa though, what a great idea; will be trying that, for sure!



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