Monday, July 19, 2010

Numbers for thought.

We all know insurance prices are continually increasing as are our taxes.  The costs of everything are going up while salaries are being docked.  As a previous state-funded social worker and now county-funded teacher, my salary will never be high.  That's expected.  I'm not as concerned about my salary as I am the well-being of the children we are teaching.  My school is pretty well off and lucky.  Other schools in my own county are not.  My county just built a brand new high school that is equipped with about every school luxury.  Yet other high schools in the district have zero access to laptops in the classroom, stuck sharing trailers, and the teachers are lucky if they have overheads to use.  Monies for school budgets are continually being cut.  I can't understand where our country's priorities lie when I see numbers like this:

As a nation, we’ve spent over $732 BILLION dollars on the war in Iraq. If you add the cost of the war in Afghanistan, we are WELL over $1 TRILLION. (
Even more outrageous, the city of Philadelphia cut their budget for fireworks from $3 million to $2.1 million this year. Oh how sad for them.... Boston spent $2.5 million, and DC won't even release the information on their show. (
Tiger Woods will earn $110 million this year, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Kimi Raikkonen will all earn $45 million each. Even Dale Earnhardt will bring home a cool $34 million. (
 [Research credited to: Middle School by Day]
I know no country is perfect...but when I see numbers like this, I am more and more encouraged to move to another country (Netherlands? Switzerland? Belgium?) who seem to think more level-headed.

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