Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Woods and books.

So I've been talking about vacationing a lot and I'm actually going off for the week.  We're going camping in West Virginia.  There's one hook though...we're going with D's grandparents.  This equals no drinking, censoring my books/magazines (ie. it is recommended that I do not read Harry Potter while there), and lots of listening to old stories.  I'm happy to get away though.  I'll be able to enjoy my last few weeks relaxing before I'm back into the hustle and bustle of school.  We're camping at this place D grew up going to with his family and grandparents, so it's sentimental for him.  And his grandparents are getting older.  You know I mentioned that I was going to start reading some old classic books.  I purchased a copy of Pride and Prejudice a while back.  I was struck by this redesigned cover...

Penguin Publishing has redone covers on some classic books and established their list of Ten Essential Classic Books and Pride and Prejudice is one.  I figure I'll start on that when we go camping.  I am also definitely going to be making those ten part of my reading list!  I used to read an hour before I go to bed to just wind down and get away from the TV.  I need to get back on it!   

What are your favorite classic books?


Bleed to Love Her said...

Pride and Prejudice is in my Top 10, definitely. I would also try Emma.

Lady Grey said...

Oh how I adore camping! These photos are fantastic!!

Claire {Beaktweets} said...

those pictures are awesome. especially the first one. i absolutely love camping. have fun!

pride and prejudice is a favorite of mine, but i might like sense and sensibility even better.

Kaleena J. said...

Those are beautiful photos. I don't think there is much better things in life than reading while camping. I hope you have a bitchin' time, even with the grandparents there.

Sarah said...

I love camping although...I've never camped with grandparents so who knows. Either way sounds like you'll have fun. Ahhh I also love Pride and Prejudice, ultimate girly romance!

this free bird said...

No Harry Potter? Is he evil in their eyes? Good thing you can't drink and Harry Potter or you might think you could fly off on a broom!! ahahahaha

sorry I couldn't resist!!


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