Thursday, July 1, 2010

They're HOT!

That's right...I'm referring to the world cup players. Soccer players are some of the most beautiful pro sport players I've ever seen. I love having the World Cup to entertain me at the gym :). Did any one watch the US' last world cup game?
We went to the Busy Bee in Raleigh (google it!) and drank (lots of) delicious beer and ate yummy food. We'll probably be watching Ghana vs. Uraguay tomorrow at 2:00. I adore Uraguay but have to cheer Ghana for my bf, KD. Pictures above are of our beer and food at the Busy Bee :)

1 comment:

Sarah M said...

Um, yes they are! I watched the last game, and was sad to see the US lose. But I'll continue to watch if only for the hot boys haha


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